menopause reflexology

Did you know?
Stress can make menopausal symptoms worse.
Relaxation can ease symptoms.
Deep relaxation can help the body to heal and repair.

Reflexology for menopause

Reflexology for menopause provides this deep relaxation, focusing on the reflexes that most need it at this stage in life, with add ons to specifically target anxiety, aches and pains and hormonal imbalance. Both one hour and one hour fifteen minute options are available, depending on your specific symptoms.

Key Menopause Research Findings:

Reflexology is an effective therapy for sleep disorders and hot flushes in menopause. 1
Reflexology can be effective in decreasing vasomotor problems and increasing quality of life in the menopausal period. 2
The foot reflexology technique can be effective in reducing women’s depression during menopause. 3

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